Tiger Maple Wood Furniture Set

This beautiful furniture set used to reside in the kitchen of a log cabin home, and is now looking for a new home. Fairly new and made of tiger maple wood with wooden pegs, this set includes 5 cabinet pieces. All in used but good condition, with minor scratches and nicks. In the first photo, the cabinet on the bottom left is 34” Tall by 46” Wide by 24” Deep. The cabinet on the bottoms right is 34” Tall by 15” Wide by 24” Deep . The cabinet on top is 24&1/2” Tall by 40” Wide by 12” Deep. In the second photo the cabinet is 18&1/2”Tall by 36” wide by 12&1/4” Deep. In the third photo the cabinet is 23”Tall by 30” wide by 12” Deep.


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